Thursday, April 14, 2016

Green Calendars: Charlotte Fairchild uses Calendars

Green Calendars: Charlotte Fairchild uses Calendars

Fertile Prayers: Silent Infection This book, Fertile Prayers: Daily Fertile Prayers is available at Amazon, and costs less at Authorhouse as a PDF. Amazon only has this book as an out of print paperback book. I gave away 100+ books to minister to hurting people. Many of those people are selling the books I gave to them and I do not make any money at Amazon with those books. Sometimes I buy them back and give them to churches or friends.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Music sooths the savage beast

I used to be an active musician and play autoharp anywhere and everywhere I could think to play. The autoharp is quite soothing. I hope you consider playing because it reminds me of David, before he became King David, playing for King Saul. The harp is played in Heaven! Children play large harps. Harps belong in church.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Silent Infection

Mr. Odone, Lorenzo Odone's father, inspired me to do research about a common infection women share, as well as horses. I wondered at the difference between horses and women with regards to success in giving birth to live offspring. Very little research exists for humans and a common infection, yeast. Much is known about horses and yeast. But perhaps more will be known for horses when humans are studied more. Below is the article I wrote after researching about yeast, women and infertility/miscarriage. Lorenzo died May 30, 2008.,2933,361148,00.html

Robert O. Young, PhD, believes that infection and all disease is a symptom of the pH scale of the blood being off kilter. I highly recommend his site for his articles of health blogs because our bodies never become resistant to chlorophyll and alkaline water, but on the other hand, some anti-fungal drugs cause miscarriage and the body becomes resistant.

Silent Infections

fertilityfair(at)yahooDOTcom to purchase Fertile Prayers as an ebook.
Charlotte Fairchild Many Infections are Silent (c) 2005

Many infections are silent, symptomless. An infection does not need to be sexually transmitted to be listed in the STI/STD category(CDC, 2004) or to have been found to cause infertility in horses (Google, 2004). Humans have not been studied as extensively? An example: horses infected with Candida from fescue and/or caterpillars become infertile. (Google, 2004) Common infections, as well as sexually transmitted infections might well disrupt hormones, and decrease fertility. The research for common infections in humans affecting FSH (Folicle Stimulating Hormone) has yet to be done (urinary tract infections, yeast infections, dental disease, colds, to name a few). If there is a relationship to fertility and common infections, one test will not close the door to treatment, as well as hope for many women to give birth to their genetic child. It may instead open the door to better health. Perhaps the pH Miracle and alkaline diets will change the milieu of sterility, stillbirth, infertility, miscarriage.

Most women who reach menopause will have high FSH levels. Follicle Stimulating Hormone comes from the pituitary in the brain, and is necessary for ovulation in women. Higher levels spell menopause and the end of ovulation. Some women have higher levels as soon as their 20s and other women have normal levels in their 40s. The women with higher levels find it is difficult or impossible to have their genetic children. Little research has been done directly for factors of FSH levels. So much has been written about the age factor, when perhaps there is more. (Hanson, 2003) Perhaps infection plays a role.

Four studies gave differing views of infection and FSH levels. HIV infected women had higher levels of FSH in one study. (Salmassi, 2001) Cattle had normal FSH levels, but still fewer and smaller follicles with a uterine bacterial infection. (Sheldon, 2002) (The FSH levels may have been different, but the effects were similar, because fertility factors decreased in each study.) FSH is related to viral replication time (Wang, S.W., 1995). “Our findings reveal that endotoxin interrupts the follicular phase of the cycle by interfering with several steps in the preovulatory chain of endocrine events.” (Karsch, 2001) ########


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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fertile Prayers

Fertility Blend and Stanford University have found that chances are better with Fertiltiy Blend than other ways of acheiving pregnancy.

I weigh 110 pounds less and I am healthy. All I use are supplements like Fertility Blend and an alkaline diet. and the alkaline water. Gettign older didn't make me gain weight, hormones and steroids and stress to my body made me gain weight during infertility treatment, but later, eating acidic foods made me gain weight. Chocolate won't give healthy teeth or bones and can lead to weight gain--even in moderation. One candy bar a week shouldn't increase weight that much, but it did for me. You won't see any ads for chocolate on this site!

Mint I planted in my yard is so delicious and I lose weight and feel so great with it. Mint likes water and sun, and is very alkaline, as is kudzu.