Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fertile Prayers

Fertility Blend and Stanford University have found that chances are better with Fertiltiy Blend than other ways of acheiving pregnancy.

I weigh 110 pounds less and I am healthy. All I use are supplements like Fertility Blend and an alkaline diet. and the alkaline water. Gettign older didn't make me gain weight, hormones and steroids and stress to my body made me gain weight during infertility treatment, but later, eating acidic foods made me gain weight. Chocolate won't give healthy teeth or bones and can lead to weight gain--even in moderation. One candy bar a week shouldn't increase weight that much, but it did for me. You won't see any ads for chocolate on this site!

Mint I planted in my yard is so delicious and I lose weight and feel so great with it. Mint likes water and sun, and is very alkaline, as is kudzu.
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